We help our clients make important decisions with far reaching consequences for their production process or financial investment. When preparing for such a decision it is important to understand the boundary conditions to be respected, all opportunities for optimization (degrees of freedom), and the desired outcome. All aspects of the decision should be considered and evaluated to come up with a well-rounded, comprehensive recommendation. We make sure our clients get the full picture.


We are totally independent of the catalyst suppliers and the process licensors and we can work with all of them.  Whether we do a catalyst selection, an under-performance investigation, a manufacturing project, or a market research our approach is always the same.  We take the objectives of our client as leading and we set out to collect and organize the information needed to make the best decision. Because our specialists are independent and the have intimate knowledge of this industry, we can get to the heart of the matter in a short time and come to an objective assessment of the various options and the best solution.


Any information shared between clients and Catalyst Intelligence is confidential unless agreed otherwise in writing. At the start of a project the client and Catalyst Intelligence will sign a service agreement specifying the scope of the project and the data protection and non-disclosure agreement. It is understood that Catalyst Intelligence will not disclose to third parties the names of its clients or the scope of the projects in which it is involved.

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Dr Carl van der Grift is the founder of Catalyst Intelligence. Prior to founding Catalyst Intelligence, Van der Grift was catalyst scientist at SHELL Research, Technical Service Manager and Managing Director at Catalyst Recovery Europe S.A., General Manager at Catalyst Recovery Singapore Pte Ltd., and Division Vice President (HPC) hydro-processing catalysts at Albemarle. During his time at Albemarle he served on the boards of Eurecat (a catalyst services company) and NipponKetjen (a hydro-processing catalyst producer). Van der Grift co-authored several patents in the area of catalyst manufacturing. After 30+ years in the industry, he remains fascinated about the enormous value catalysts create for users and producers whether it is in traditional oil refining, renewables processing, spent lube re-refining, plastics recycling or even in E-fuels production.


  • PhD Chemistry, University of Utrecht, The Netherlands (1990)
  • MSc Chemistry, University of Utrecht, The Netherlands (1986)

Catalyst Consultancy Firm

It is the mission of the company to provide comprehensive and independent information on; (i) the development and manufacturing of best-in-class fresh catalysts, (ii) the optimal deployment of these catalysts so that they can show their performance in commercial operation, and (iii) the re-use or elimination of spent catalysts in accordance with International regulations.

Since 2016, our specialists have assisted numerous catalyst producers as well as oil refineries and petrochemical plants with optimization of catalyst manufacturing and R&D, as well as catalyst deployment in commercial processes. Our involvement has resulted in higher product quality and lower costs for catalyst producers. The refineries and chemical plants have benefited from improved catalyst performance and thus higher margins.

In addition, we have also assisted financial investors with their due diligence in the catalysts space. Occasionally, we assist other large consultancy firms when they need particular expertise on catalytic processes, or law firms when they need assistance with review of catalyst supply agreements or process licenses.