Financial investors

Catalyst Intelligence assists financial investors in their due diligence when they make decisions to buy or sell shares in a listed catalyst company, or when they decide to acquire a complete (or a stake in a) privately-owned catalyst company. 

Having been in the catalyst business over the last three decades most of our specialists have a good understanding of the relative strength and weakness of all major catalyst companies. We also have a good understanding how future regulations and economic development will drive demand for catalysts and which companies are likely to benefit from those trends.

Over the years we have assisted several financial investors with questions about the catalyst market and the competitive position of the major players. The investors always do their own due diligence and then check their assumptions about the market with Catalyst Intelligence. As part of their due diligence investors also come across information that they don’t trust or consider unlikely and in those cases we can provide context and improve understanding.

In case of acquisition of a catalyst services company or a catalyst reclaim company, we have assisted investors with a review of the Information Memorandum and on-site visits, as well as post-acquisition integration.

Over the years, Catalyst Intelligence has advised several investors looking to invest in start-up companies in the catalyst space. In such cases we can look at the chemistry of the proposed solution (heat and mass balances), the market demand for the proposed products (specifications), competitors in that space, expected price for the products, an estimate of manufacturing costs, and overall viability of the business plan. In case of a positive decision, we can assist with manufacturing scale-up and quality assurance. 

Watch below our video covering our independent services for Financial Investors in the Catalyst Industry