​Spent catalyst elimination

Spent catalyst elimination

The spent catalyst is considered to be waste and it is the waste generator’s responsibility to make sure it is eliminated in a legally-acceptable way. It is important for the spent catalyst to be analysed and packaged correctly. Analysis facilitates the correct waste description necessary for international transfers and good packaging ensures that the catalyst is not spilled in transit. The waste treatment facility should issue a certificate of receipt and a certificate of safe recycling once the generator-owned material has been processed. Depending on the value of the metals contained in the spent catalyst, waste reclaim companies can purchase the catalyst or charge a fee for its elimination. In the case of noble metal catalysts, maintaining representative retain samples and performing your own analysis of the noble metal content is recommended.

Catalyst Intelligence can assist with the description of the waste, advice on packaging and labelling, verification of documents describing the transfer of the waste to the treatment facility and verification of waste elimination certificates. Catalyst Intelligence does not take title to any waste material.

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