Catalyst Performance Prediction Model

Hydroprocessing Catalyst Performance Prediction Model

Catalyst Intelligence has developed a proprietary hydroprocessing catalyst performance prediction model which can be used to help refiners get the maximum performance out of their units whilst still achieving the desired cycle length. We offer a remote service to evaluate the performance of your unit and a ranking of initiatives you could undertake to optimize the profitability of your unit over the current cycle. Our analysis can also be used to set requirements for future catalyst selections. We are independent of any catalyst supplier or process licensor and we exclusively focus on the refinery optimization objectives.

The advantages of using this model are:

Refinery staff interested to know more about the Hydroprocessing Catalyst Performance Prediction Model is welcome to download a slide-deck where we explain how the model can be used to improve the hydroprocessing unit performance. T he slide deck can be downloaded by filling out the webform below. Via an email link you can get the download within a matter of minutes.

In addition, we offer the option to request a free quote.

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