Start-ups in the catalyst space may be setting up a catalytic process sourced from existing suppliers, or they may be developing their own catalyst for use in their process, or they may be developing new raw materials with unique properties that can be used for the production of catalysts with enhanced performance. Catalyst Intelligence can assist those start-ups by making available expertise on an as-needed basis.

Some start-ups want assistance with integrating catalytic processes or with evaluation of an individual process to determine the feasibility of their project. Other start-ups aim to develop a new process for the recycling of plastics, or the production of chemicals or fuels from non-fossil sources. Still other start-ups develop a new synthesis route for high purity, high surface area inorganic oxides that can be used as a catalyst or a catalyst support.  In fact the activities undertaken by start-ups in the catalyst space is very diverse.

Catalyst Intelligence has assisted several start-ups with a review of different technology options, or advise on catalyst or raw material synthesis and scale-up, including cost estimates for a demo-plant and quality control. The experts available at Catalyst Intelligence have backgrounds in process technology, catalyst R&D, catalyst manufacturing and scale-up, as well as business development. Depending on the specific question asked by the start-up we can make available the right resource to assist the start-up and come to a clear recommendation on the way forward.