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Catalyst Intelligence is an independent catalyst consultancy company based in Luxembourg. The founder, Dr Carl van der Grift, has over 30 years of relevant work experience in industrial catalyst R&D, sales and technical service to refineries and global catalyst business management. The company’s mission is to provide comprehensive, independent information on industrial catalysts, enabling actors in the field of refining and petrochemical catalysts to make better decisions, resulting in better unit performance, less waste and higher margins. By combining insights from R&D, sales and technical services and manufacturing with a thorough understanding of the refinery needs, objective criteria can be developed for decision-making with respect to (i) catalyst/service selection, (ii) sampling and analysis, (iii) performance testing, monitoring and improvement and (iv) new product development. Specifically, Catalyst Intelligence assists catalyst users in selection, use and testing and catalyst producers and service providers in R&D efficiency, new product development and manufacturing. More broadly, the company is also assisting financial investment companies with an interest in the catalyst and process licensing space with evaluation of investment opportunities and post-acquisition integration. 

Technical / business consulting in this area requires a team of experts with relevant backgrounds and years of experience in the industry. Over the years Catalyst Intelligence has brought together a team of renowned specialists with backgrounds in oil refining, petrochemical plants, and the catalyst business. These specialists are passionate about their area of expertise and they help our clients identify and implement optimum solutions. We continue to attract specialists for future projects.

Our Catalyst Intelligence Practice Areas

Catalyst Intelligence offers a portfolio of professional services. Please check our services hereunder. 

Catalyst Selection

Catalyst Intelligence can assist you in making the correct catalyst selection, based on objective criteria that promote the profitability of the unit

Performance investigation

Regular performance investigation allows you to keep an eye on the remaining catalyst activity and will enable an informed decision as to whether or not severity can be increased.

Dispute Resolution

In the event of a conflict with a supplier, Catalyst Intelligence can help you determine indisputable facts and propose a reasonable settlement

Analysis & testing

Catalyst Intelligence can assist you in designing a sampling and analysis plan to rapidly answer your key questions at the lowest cost possible

R&D efficiency

To keep your R&D efforts focused, Catalyst Intelligence will work with your team to define direction and find efficiencies through collaboration

Catalyst manufacturing

Catalyst Intelligence can audit your supply chain and help you identify efficiency opportunities by qualifying multiple production lines, using alternate raw materials and or deploying toll manufacturers

Spent catalyst

Catalyst Intelligence can help you recover the best value from spent catalysts. Regeneration and rejuvenation for re-use is an attractive option versus fresh catalysts.  Alternatively, the spent catalyst needs to be eliminated in an environmentally sound process with a high recovery of valuable metals.

Due Diligence

Catalyst Intelligence is ready to write high-level summary reports on certain segments of the catalyst market, conduct a survey of the key-players, or participate in due diligence and even post-acquisition integration.