Catalyst Intelligence adds FCC application expertise to its consultancy


At the request of numerous customers Catalyst Intelligence has decided to expand into Fluid Catalytic Cracking (FCC) applications. As with our fixed bed catalyst consultancy, we are now ready to provide independent advice to both FCC operators / refineries as well as FCC catalyst manufacturers. As per the beginning of August 2017, we offer assistance in the following areas:

FCC catalyst selection

FCC unit monitoring and optimization

FCC unit trouble-shooting

FCC product development, both catalyst and additives

Catalyst testing procedures

Advice on catalyst test equipment, test protocol, and data-interpretation

Development of marketing package for FCC catalyst producers


The selection of a new FCC catalyst is an important decision and with an independent experienced advisor on your side, you can be sure no aspect of the decision is over-looked. Similarly, when it comes to optimization of your unit, you want to be sure that all aspects of a decision are taking into account and that no improvement opportunity is missed. On the other hand if you are a manufacturer, you want to be sure your products are tested correctly and compared fairly, and that your marketing package represents unique properties of your product that set you apart from the competition. We look forward to continue to expand our services in response to customer needs.