Catalyst Performance and Refinery Profitability

It is no surprise that catalyst performance is key to the refinery profitability. In fact by-design the fresh catalyst has a huge potential to perform the desired conversion for a long time. In reality however, the operating conditions and the feedstock quality will limit the useful life of the catalyst. Thus, it is important to understand the relationship between today’s performance (duty) and margin up-lift, and the expected remaining cycle length and eventual replacement and shutdown costs. Catalyst Intelligence can help you get the most out of your catalyst investment either by maximizing the duty today or by protecting the activity for the future, but always based on an economic evaluation of the different options so that the refiner can make an informed decision on how to utilize the assets in response to market opportunities.  Within the constraints of the unit there is optimal and sub-optimal deployment of catalyst activity, and eventually that impacts the refinery profitability.

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