Catalyst Intelligence updates its 3-day in-house hydrotreating coarse

Life-long learning and continuous training of staff is a good investment for any organization. For refineries, especially training on the fundamentals of hydrotreating can be beneficial as improved unit operation will pay back in higher throughput and longer cycles. 

Different hydrotreating training approach
While most catalyst vendors offer hydrotreating seminars in major cities around the world, Catalyst Intelligence is offering to provide that training at individual refineries reducing costs for travel and accommodation, allowing more refinery participants to benefit, and to discuss specific questions relevant to the site without “competitors” listening in. This allows for a more open discussion of the technical questions. 
Finally, we are objectively focussing on the technology and the merits of different approaches and not trying to sell you any particular catalyst grade.  The training is a combination of class room presentations and group exercises to check understanding of the information provided. The trainer is a world-class expert in hydrotreating and he has given this course numerous times to organizations around the world. All participants will get all course materials in electronic format for future reference. Ask for an in-house hydrotreating coarse today.