High demand for refinery optimization studies


Many refineries around the world are looking for independent advice to help them optimize the performance of their complex. Several optimization software packages are available and being used. However, once you have convinced yourself, as a refinery, that you have optimized the complex using the tools available to you, it is likely that you still want to further improve the overall profitability of the complex by taking away constraints. As far as the constraints are in catalytic units it is worthwhile to consider what another catalyst load may do for you, as a no-capex, “drop-in” solution. Depending on the market conditions it may be beneficial to push the unit a little bit harder and achieve even better profitability short term. When you make that decision, however, you also want to understand what the longer-term consequences of that short term optimization will be. Catalyst Intelligence can help you answer those questions by making available experienced process technologists. Our independent technologists will help you define an acceptable operating plan that allows you to maximize profits when the opportunity exists, without creating untimely shutdowns in the future. Looking at optimization over a longer time span (multiple cycles), we can also help your refinery develop better enquiries for new catalyst loads allowing you greater flexibility going forward.

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