Timely hydro-treater check-ups reveal opportunities to extend cycle and avoid costs


Catalyst Intelligence is offering a hydro-treater check-up. After the turnaround season in the Northern hemi-sphere it is important to check if the loaded fresh catalysts are meeting expectations in terms of activity level and stability. In fact it is an important task to check if the vendor guarantees are met, and in case the performance falls short of expectation it is important to find the root cause and take remedial action immediately, even when increasing operating temperature is still the easy way out. The earlier the problem is fixed, the longer the cycle will last. Sometimes the under-performance is due to the catalyst, the loading, or the activation, but other times it is due to refinery operating conditions being different from what was specified in the ITB (invitation to bid). Whatever the root cause, it is important to know the unit performance and to decide whether any corrective action is required / possible or not. Once the unit is at the EOR condition there is not much that can be done anymore to extend the cycle length. A check up during first months of the cycle can indicate performance issues early and allow  corrective actions to be taken or cycle length expectations to be reset. In our first year we have assisted several refineries in doing a performance test run resulting in recommendations to improve unit operation.  Contact us today to schedule your next performance test run.