Can you assist with preparing a plan for disposal of spent catalysts unloaded during the turnaround?

Spent catalysts contain valuable metals (Ni, Mo, Co, W, or noble metals) that are worth recovering after use. At the same time the spent catalyst is considered a (hazardous) waste, and as the waste generator, the refinery is legally responsible for the safe elimination of the waste. Catalyst Intelligence can assist with an analysis of the spent catalysts after unloading to advise on reclaim routes, or we can develop a plan before the turnaround and make sure the spent catalyst is transported off-site in the shortest possible time. In case of a large turnaround the spent catalyst may be loaded in catalyst flo-bins and it is beneficial to have these bins emptied as soon as possible to minimize rental costs. For a maximum value recovery, it can be beneficial to use different reclaimers for different types of catalysts, rather than to send all waste to one reclaimer.